Month: May 2007

Ubuntu is my friend.

I got a new laptop at work and I was not enjoying my experience.  The machine had Windows Vista Business installed, which I have had some luck with in the past.  Not this time.  The XPS M 1210 did not like Vista, but it seems to like Feisty Fawn, ubuntu.

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Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson PWNS Sean Hannity

It was a messy, nasty debate.  At times I could barely stand to watch, because of the disorder.  However, through the whole debate we saw a couple constant themes appear:

Rocky Anderson:  Stuck to the facts, attacked the president based on his facts.

Sean Hannity:  Attacked Rocky Anderson, called to “Support the Troops.” and avoided defending the president.

I wasn’t really surprised by the tone of the debate, however, I think Hannity may have been surprised by the veracity of the crowd.  The crowd was surprisingly about equally divided between supporters and skeptics of the war in Iraq.

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