Month: June 2007

I want to upgrade.

It has been a while since I have upgraded my computer and I feel like the time is right — right now.  I have been wanting to go to an intel core 2 duo processor for quite some time.  The price for the Intel E6600 is about $220. It just seems like the time is right.  However, I have plenty of computing power and I don’t really need to upgrade.  What should I do?

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Back at work.

I just had a long weekend of virtual work with painting some walls in my house.  Now I am back to the day job.  Check out my video rant:

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Watching Newt

I am watching Fox News Sunday and good old Newt is ripping on the president.  While I don’t agree with many of his motives, he does bring up many valid points.  More evidence that the Republican party is very fractured.  I don’t think it matters who gets the GOP nomination, a Democrat will win in ’08.

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