Month: September 2008


The bail out is very interesting. It essentially saves companies from their bad investments, while at the same time saving the credit market from freezing up. Poor decisions and abuse of cheap money got our economy to where it is now. Also we must blame years of deregulation of the financial market by decades of Reagan economists.

So now here we sit, with an expensive bail out which is necessary but unpopular. Where do we go from here?

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Black Friday

So last night “Put Country First” John McCain and Republican firends completely broke down negoations for the bail out of Wall Street.  My prediction: Get ready for a black friday like none other on Wall Street!

What kind of leadership is McCain trying to pander to the US people?

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Corporate Welfare

Well this has been a very interesting week in the economy.  It has seen the end of two prominent Wall Street investment banks, and the bailout of the nation’s largest insurer.  Gee wiz, tough times on wall street.  Who comes in as the savior for these corporations?  You guessed it, the United States government.

I guess you don’t qualify for welfare unless you are a very wealthy corporation which heavily leverages yourself with unsafe investments.  That’s the welfare that the Republicans support.

Hey, I wouldn’t mind a welfare check — but I guess I am not rich enough.

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Sick and tired of Palin

I am so sick and tired of Sarah Palin. This person is anything but a Maverick. She reminds me of the hard core conservatives of old. On all of her viewpoints she has a very right wing point of view. She has not shown a history of reaching across the isle.

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Miles Dayton

Here is awesome ultrasound of the soon to be member of the Dayton Family:

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