Month: January 2013

Five Seconds A Day

I’m going to start a project where I record myself for 5 seconds each day and compile it into a continuous video.  I’ve seen a couple folks do this, and I was inspired.  I’m going to set a couple ground rules for my recordings here:

1.  The recording must take place in the particular day, any time in the 24 hour period.

2. The recording does not need to include myself, but I do need to make the recording, or be somehow directly involved in the recording.

3. I must appear on the recording at least twice a week.

4. I must record at least 5 seconds.  Recording more is not an issue, however I am going to expect to edit each clip to 5 seconds.

5. I may change my edits to less than 5 seconds.

6. I will make all raw video available publicly.

7. As a side project I will work to automate the automatic compilation of the video.

8. I can change any rule, except I need to record every day.

I will consider 1/21/2013 my start day as I have video of myself for that day, plus it aligns nicely with the beginning of Obama’s second term.  Raw video will be saved here: I’ll start combining the video in the coming days when I’m ready to get fancy with my scripting fu.

I’m really looking forward to working on this project.



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We’ve made it to 2013. This is the year where I turn 30, which I’m very lukewarm about. It could be worse, it could be 40.

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