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It takes a lot of work to raise children

I remember years ago my grandmother often reflecting, in frustration, “That’s what you get for having children.” She would often lament in such a way after some crazy thing that me or my sister did.

Well now is my time, and I will fully admit, it is very difficult. As the children grow they are capable of taking care of their physical needs, however their emotional or psychological needs grow. No where is this more evident than in the growth of my 7 year old daughter Starla.

She is at a point where emotions rule the day, and she is not easily swayed by other distractions. All of this at age 7, it may be a bumpy ride.

I’ve found that the best way to approach parenting is from a position of love. If my children know that they are loved, despite the fact that they are behaving poorly, they seem to be much more capable of understanding why they have erred. However, if I approach discipline from the perspective of anger, all bets are off as to how effective I will be, and I usually lose control of the situation. Today in frustration I told my daughter to “shut the hole in her face.” She sensed my anger, continued to say what she was saying, and immediately informed Mandy about my statement upon returning home. Now the wife and kids make fun of me, and I’ve lost a little bit of credibility with my daughter.

I guess the point I’m trying to make to myself is this: be calm, patient, loving, and firm with the kids.

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Getting married in ONE WEEK!

The big day is only a week away.  Mandy and I are very excited!

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Today was a real downer.

For reasons I can not explain today was a sad day.  I had a very good day at work and things are well at home, but for some reason today is sub par.  I need to listen some good music.

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Paul Dayton to tackle Saturday

Well it is again Saturday. I do not have to work today. I am free to do with my time as I will. Well guess what jerks! I am going to dominate and own the day.

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Days Go By

Well I think it is time time for me to post my latest greatest personal rant.  Where to start?

It has been a very busy time at work.  I have spent two nights this week staying at work into the early hours of the following day.  While I really enjoy my job, it can be difficult to spend 24 hours at work.  Such is the life of an IT guy.  When servers go down and the business is counting on you to have the infrastructure up, staying up late to keep systems running is a must.

 On the homefront:  Things are going well at home.  Mandy and I finally painted the new room downstairs.  It is blue and it is wonderful!  Mandy’s dad is going to add carpet to the room shortly.  I can’t wait to have a 4 beadroom house.

Starla is growing and doing well.  Natalie and Ricky seem very happy in Payson, UT. 

As always I think about my late mother constantly.  She was a very loving person who left this life too early.  Nevertheless, I know that LaRayne is with me in more ways than I can imagine.


I am always happy to hear comments from past friends and current family.  If you are readinging this please, add a comment.  Take care and God bless.

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Zelpha Jones Dayton

It is late, or early, and I have the day off of work tomorrow so I am browsing around the internet.  I started looking through LDS historical sites and I eventually wound up at

I typed in the name of my late grandmother Zelpha Jones Dayton.  As I have witnessed before, I found a rich web of linkable names of heros of my family history.  I really wish that my granmother and my mother LaRayne were still with us today.  They provided a valuable link to the history of my family that I can not recover.

I beg of all of you who may read this:  Learn about the history of your family.  You will find that in some strange way their struggles are the same as your struggles, even though you are seperated by time.

As a project I would like to start extensive work on documenting the stories that I can recall of my family history.  I will think about this for a few days.


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