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Q Anon

I could barely believe it when I saw someone proudly sporting a Q anon flag in Spanish Fork this morning.  For the uninitiated: Q anon is a conspiracy theory of a grand global cabal where left-wing politicians and elites are attempting to harvest the blood of children to feed their hunger and sick schemes of managing the world.  This is crazy stuff, and it is linked to a belief that Trump will triumphantly return to power to kill the conspiracy.

What is unfortunate is that a lot of Republicans buy into this Q stuff, and they are increasingly able to move Republican politics. A party that pays attention to this make-believe narrative and elects nominees who believe in such will have a difficult time governing and actually appealing to those in the mainstream. A Republican party that can not compete in the marketplace of ideas is bad for the Democratic party as well in that it doesn’t check the excesses of the Democrats.

What do we do to solve this problem? Facts and arguments based in reality don’t tend to convince those who believe in conspiracies. It is like a religion, a deeply held belief that is not easily argued around. I’m not sure what a good solution is here, other than those who are leaders should marginalize these fringe beliefs instead of add fuel to the fire.

There will always be fringe among us. We should treat those with love, but not indulge their beliefs, and at the very least we should not allow their fringe beliefs to become mainstream in one of our two major political parties.

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Life goes on.

Well it is sunday and nearly 7 P.M., which means the weeked is officially over.  I am however, extremely excited for the Democratic Convention that will consume me this week.  Sure this is a carefully staged commercial for the Democratic Nominee Barack Obama, but that is excactally what I want.

Life has been going good.  Since we returned from Vegas two weeks ago Starla had her 4th brithday.  Work has continued at a steady pace, and we have painted our master bed room.  Just another couple days in suburban America for the Dayton’s.

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Gangs In the Military?

Here is an interesting story from CBS news.  Apparently gang culture is evident in the US Military, with American gang signs seen in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Democrats in congress: IT IS TIME TO LEAVE IRAQ.

Democrats and progressive Republicans need to heed the clear intent of the American public by ceasing funding of the war.  Over 2/3 of Americans disagree with continuing the war.  Democrats need to stall, fight, and quit anything that provides any power for Bush to continue the war.

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Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson PWNS Sean Hannity

It was a messy, nasty debate.  At times I could barely stand to watch, because of the disorder.  However, through the whole debate we saw a couple constant themes appear:

Rocky Anderson:  Stuck to the facts, attacked the president based on his facts.

Sean Hannity:  Attacked Rocky Anderson, called to “Support the Troops.” and avoided defending the president.

I wasn’t really surprised by the tone of the debate, however, I think Hannity may have been surprised by the veracity of the crowd.  The crowd was surprisingly about equally divided between supporters and skeptics of the war in Iraq.

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Utah’s Attorney General is full of shit.

I am happy to see that Utah’s attorney general, Mark Shurtleff is in line with the Republican hacks who believe things are going well in Iraq.  In a really useful speech the attorney general referred to Senate Majority leader as  “Hezbolla Harry.” He also compared Mayor Rocky Anderson to World War II traitors.  Thanks Mark Shurtleff for showing the close minded people of Utah that is it unpatriotic to see reality.  You know the bible says something like thou shalt not kill, but I guess God is just a weak minded idiot who would gladly surrender to terrorists.

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Today we hit 3000 military deaths in Iraq.  Can someone tell me why they died?

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We are loosing in Iraq.

While I am not going to give him any kudos for saying this, the last person in America to thing that the war was going well changed his mind.  George W. Bush said yesterday in an interview with the Washington post that we are not winning in Iraq.

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What do we do in IRAQ?

I am watching Meet the Press.  Brooks and Friedman are talking about Iraq.  The situation has become so chaotic.  Many of us are waiting for the President– The Decider — to change his policy.  I think we have reached a point where there are no good decisions in Iraq.  We have past the point of no return.  We, the United States of America, have failed in Iraq.  We lost.  It sucks but it is true.  We were in over our heads.  The policy was flawed.  The Middle East is just to much of a tinderbox for we naive Americans who thought we could bring peace and Democracy to the world.  I think that this war may signal the decline of the America as the last remaining super power.  We simply do not have the goodwill left to be the diplomatic leader of the world.  What a shame.

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War Crimes

This week we saw a “united” Republican party give the OK to Bush to torture detainees. A portion of this bill reportedly immunizes Bush and Cheney from being prosecuted as war criminals for past offenses. What is going on here ladies and gentleman? Do we have a monarch who is above the law? Is this still America? Are we still free? Does the constitution apply? How can we grant all of these powers to one man? I think we need to rejuvenate democracy in the United States first before we spread this mess around the Middle East. Democracy is threatened by this administration. The rule of law needs to be fairly applied to all.

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