Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson PWNS Sean Hannity

It was a messy, nasty debate.  At times I could barely stand to watch, because of the disorder.  However, through the whole debate we saw a couple constant themes appear: Rocky Anderson:  Stuck to the facts, attacked the president based on his facts. Sean Hannity:  Attacked Rocky Anderson, called to “Support the Troops.” and avoided […]

Utah’s Attorney General is full of shit.

I am happy to see that Utah’s attorney general, Mark Shurtleff is in line with the Republican hacks who believe things are going well in Iraq.  In a really useful speech the attorney general referred to Senate Majority leader as  “Hezbolla Harry.” He also compared Mayor Rocky Anderson to World War II traitors.  Thanks Mark […]

Some American Marines are Baby Killers

Is this how we conduct our just war: Survivors say furious Marines rampaged through a quiet street, bursting into homes and gunning down Iraqi civilians -   including children, women and an old man in a wheelchair. Their account appears to match details emerging from a military investigation into the 24 Iraqi civilians killed under disputed […]