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Palin the quitter

I am trying to figure out why Sarah Palin is resigning at the end of her term. A very common believe, before and after the announcement, is that she wants to run for president in 2012. From my vantage point this decision makes a 2012 run impossible. When you run for president you run of the record of your previous office… if you can’t complete a term of office, what do you have to run on.

It became clear to many Palin confidants that she was not going to run for a second term, well before this press conference. What surprised many was her end of month resignation. Palin tried to explain it by saying that she didn’t want to be a lame duck for the rest of her term, so she just quit. What boggles my mind is that she could have easily played a little politics and concealed her plans for the future until later in her term of office. It is just a very strange move to quit.

There has to be some other shoe that is going to drop here. If there isn’t, then Palin is simply a piss poor leader who quits when the going gets tough. Does anyone out there really believe that Palin could lead the nation. Would she quit in her third year of her presidential term because the press or congress was going to investigate her. Palin: you’re pathetic.

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Democratic Rules Committee Meeting

While I don’t think the delegations should have been seated from either Florida or Michigan (because there delegations were clearly punished and all campaigns agreed to not play in each state), I am able to accept the decision to seat half of the delegations.  I am very upset to see how Hillary’s supporters are crying foul.  How can you legitimately say that the vote in Michigan was fair.  Hillary essentially ran against uncommitted.  There was no campaign there, there was no Obama on the ballot!  But Hillary, in true form, believes that the full delegation should be seated.  Her campain agreed not to contend in Michigan. As soon as it became politically expedient for her vote total she moved the goal post and started the “count every vote” movement.

PLEASE QUIT NOW HILLARY, don’t loose this one for America.

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Gangs In the Military?

Here is an interesting story from CBS news.  Apparently gang culture is evident in the US Military, with American gang signs seen in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson PWNS Sean Hannity

It was a messy, nasty debate.  At times I could barely stand to watch, because of the disorder.  However, through the whole debate we saw a couple constant themes appear:

Rocky Anderson:  Stuck to the facts, attacked the president based on his facts.

Sean Hannity:  Attacked Rocky Anderson, called to “Support the Troops.” and avoided defending the president.

I wasn’t really surprised by the tone of the debate, however, I think Hannity may have been surprised by the veracity of the crowd.  The crowd was surprisingly about equally divided between supporters and skeptics of the war in Iraq.

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Utah’s Attorney General is full of shit.

I am happy to see that Utah’s attorney general, Mark Shurtleff is in line with the Republican hacks who believe things are going well in Iraq.  In a really useful speech the attorney general referred to Senate Majority leader as  “Hezbolla Harry.” He also compared Mayor Rocky Anderson to World War II traitors.  Thanks Mark Shurtleff for showing the close minded people of Utah that is it unpatriotic to see reality.  You know the bible says something like thou shalt not kill, but I guess God is just a weak minded idiot who would gladly surrender to terrorists.

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War Crimes

This week we saw a “united” Republican party give the OK to Bush to torture detainees. A portion of this bill reportedly immunizes Bush and Cheney from being prosecuted as war criminals for past offenses. What is going on here ladies and gentleman? Do we have a monarch who is above the law? Is this still America? Are we still free? Does the constitution apply? How can we grant all of these powers to one man? I think we need to rejuvenate democracy in the United States first before we spread this mess around the Middle East. Democracy is threatened by this administration. The rule of law needs to be fairly applied to all.

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Some American Marines are Baby Killers

Is this how we conduct our just war:

Survivors say furious Marines rampaged through a quiet street, bursting into homes and gunning down Iraqi civilians -   including children, women and an old man in a wheelchair. Their account appears to match details emerging from a military investigation into the 24 Iraqi civilians killed under disputed circumstances the morning of Nov 19.

Shame on us.  This shames us all.

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