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Mormons in the news.

As a member, all be it possibly an extreme jack Mormon member, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, it is my duty to report on what other members are doing in the world. Last Thursday Senator Gordon Smith R-Oregon, broke ranks with the president and withdrew his support of current policy in Iraq. Senator Smith claimed that the policy may be immoral because we continue to employ policies that have failed. I have to hand it to the Senator here— he is speaking plainly and honestly about the war. I get a strong feeling that Iraq will continue to divide the Republican party because of the way it relies on the personal convictions of one of the last Americans who still strongly supports the war —> George W. Bush.

Oh yeah and I bet Gordon Smith can dissent and still be a good Mormon 🙂

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the election

I am so excited for the possible Democratic victory.  I believe that is is becoming necessary that regardless of our political persuasions we elect a Democratic majority in both houses to check the power that George Bush has exerted into our political system.  One man should not have the power to suspend habeas corpus for any reasons he or she deems fit.  An administration should be accountable for its mistakes.

I am going to work at the polls on November 7.  Democracy is cool!

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War Crimes

This week we saw a “united” Republican party give the OK to Bush to torture detainees. A portion of this bill reportedly immunizes Bush and Cheney from being prosecuted as war criminals for past offenses. What is going on here ladies and gentleman? Do we have a monarch who is above the law? Is this still America? Are we still free? Does the constitution apply? How can we grant all of these powers to one man? I think we need to rejuvenate democracy in the United States first before we spread this mess around the Middle East. Democracy is threatened by this administration. The rule of law needs to be fairly applied to all.

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“God Fearing” Bush is still popular in Provo Utah

The New York Times ran an article today talking about my original home town and it’s love for George W. Bush. Out of the whole United States there are only three states where at least half of the folk still believe W is doing a good job, and sadly I live in one of those places. The article profiled people’s opinions in Provo, where despite low approval for Bush’s handling of key policy issues, the majority of people still support Bush. There is one key reason that Utahns support Bush; he is “good with God.” While George Bush might not be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, my fellow Utahns just can’t get enough of the “religious president Bush.” I really wish I could understand why they still support Bush.  Ask a few LDS, Bush supporters in Utah if they agree with President Bush’s immigration policy, and strong majority would split with George. Go a step further, and ask Utahns if they enjoy the role the Republican Administration plays in their life and they would flat out detest the policies of the executive branch of the Federal government. Yet their support for Bush is strong. Utahns are very bright people, but when it comes to politics we Utahns vote our hearts and not our minds…I tend to vote my mind, but then again I am not the model Mormon ;-).

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US to talk with Iran

Wow.  In a very realist move, the United States is suggesting that it is willing to have diplomatic talks with Iran.  The US has not had diplomatic relations with Iran since 1979.  Now Bush’s administration is realizing that they simply have no other options.  We are bogged down in Iraq and our credibility on the world stage is suspect.  While I don’t often agree with Bush, I am happy to see this responsible move.  I hope for our sake that we will be able to talk with Iran.  I fear that because of our actions in the Middle East, such talks may be useless.

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Snow comes in at an all time low.

Today George added a friend from the Fox family to his administration.  Tony Snow will be the new press secretary.  For those of you keeping track, George W. Bush’s approval rating are at an all time low!  32 Percent approval.  Maybe things aren’t going well in Iraq?  Oh yeah, and how much more am I going to pay for gas?

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Delay falls!

Tom Delay is gone. If the election were held today the Democrats would re-take the house. The rule of the corrupt, lieing, and immoral Republicans seems to be coming to an end.

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