Bills and Bagels – Legislative update for Southern Utah County

 This morning I attended  the Bills & Bagels event at the Nebo School District office. The following legislators were in attendance: Norm Thurston Francis Gibson Marc Roberts Dedrie Henderson The meeting felt almost routine in that it was more of a legislative update than anything that was too interactive. They discussed some of their bills, […]

Obama raises more money in Utah than McCain

What is going on, this is awesome.  Even though folks in Utah will not support Obama in the election, it is awesome to see that more presidential political donations, in terms of dollars, are going towards Obama.  Utah is making me proud in its own way. The Salt Lake Tribune has an interesting application that […]

Romney is out… finally. Obama wins in Utah

Cry your tears Utahns.  Flip-flopper Romney is finally out of the race.  I am not surprised.  I am surprised to see how quickly the local Republicans are trying to spin support towards McCain.  It is almost as if the local Utah Republicans like Garry Herbert are afraid that Utahns may actually vote Democratic this year. […]

Romney on Meet the Press

Romney started off the interview very well.  The beginning of the Russert grilling was focused exclusively on Religion.  Romney did a very good job of setting a context of religious people and their interaction with Government.  Romney addressed the “Freedom requires Religion” argument well by suggesting that freedom require moral individuals.  It was a bit […]