Paul moves to South Jordan, Utah.

Sick of his 2 hour daily commute, Paul Dayton finally returns to the Salt Lake Valley in style.

The Residence of a one Mr. Paul Jones Dayton

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I love Utah.

Utah is a great place to live. The mountains guide your way by pervading the landscape. The urban areas have a rural sense that is both refreshing and liberating. The people, though quaint and sometimes odd, are like none other on earth. This American Zion is truly a wonderful place!

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Paul in New York City

I am in New York this week. Click here for pictures.

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Update on PJD

With the increasing demand o­n my life to be awesome I believe that I am satisfactorily meeting the challenge.

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The right to LIFE, I think not Mr Bush…

Well George and the boys have done it again. ONE PERSON who wishes to DIE with dignity will not be afforded such a luxury because GEORGE and the REPUBLICANS in congress felt that it was necessary to extend her life through an unprecedented act of congress. When will we devote the resources of this Federal Republic to useful endeavors?

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Paul Jones D. in San Francisco

Well Paul is in San Francisco at the begining of this week. Check out the gallery for the latest pictures.

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Hate Crimes Legislation is KILLED by the Utah Senate

Well the great Utah legislature has done it again. Well actually they have done nothing again. Despite wide-spread popularity, a couple of conservative Senators killed this year’s hate crime bill.

Thanks again for doing the peoples work.

Paul’s Utah Legislative Sh*t List:
Mark Madsen
Chris Buttars

Paul’s Legislative Good List:
Gregg Bell
Mike Dmitrich
Karen Hale
Pat Jones

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More Spending, Fewer Programs, Raiding Social Security

What the hell is George W. Bush doing? He is cutting spending across the board for domestic programs, while increasing spending for defense and homeland security. George’s policy of defense has not made me or any other American safer. And in this midst of all of these budget cuts for important domestic policies THE BUDGET ACTUALLY INCREASES SPENDING!

Oh and a few other notes:

The budget does not include this year’s cost for the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. It also does not incude the cost of “saving” social security, which will require massive government borrowing.

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The Great Utah Legislature

The Utah Legislature is at it again. Determined to force God, Guns, and “Family Values” into the hearts and minds of all Utahns. I hope that this year, being an off election year, will bring a bit more productive legislation. Afterall, the minds of voters are slow to remember distant events. For example: George W. Bush was re-elected after lieing to the American people. But Good times. I am glad that Republicans rule, otherwise I wouln’t have anything to complain about.


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That last story was queer.

I really didn’t like yesterday’s post when I reread it today. I was being a big baby yesterday. I was acting like a liberal hippy. Paul Dayton is not a hippy; however he is a liberal.

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