Blogs: A new medium of social interaction as well as my NY’s resolution.

Today the internet is filled with personal blogs. This very website that you are viewing claims to be a blog. How are blogs useful.

For the past few years I have maintained a website. Al I have included on my websites were pictures and occasional political rants. Nothing that was of any real use to anyone.

All of the sudden, seemingly out of the blue this new phenomenon of web blogs comes out of the blue. I don’t think I have quite caught on to this blogging stuff. I would like to be a blogger, but I currently suck to much to be a blogger.

So in this new year I believe I will try the fine art of blogging. Perhaps I am selling out, perhaps I don’t give a damn. Perhaps this makes for a good blog. I really love to eat Taco Bell.

–Paul Jones Dayton

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John Huntsman Jr. Inaugurated as Utah Governor

In what I am sure what a splendid event full of “pomp” and “ceremony” Utah supreme court chief justice Kristine Durham swore little John into the governorship of Utah. Will this rich son of a gun save Utah from impending DOOM? Stay tuned.

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Utah wins the Fiesta Bowl!

I would like to congradulate the University of Utah football team for a wonderful season. 12-0 is pretty darn awesome!

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Paul Dayton posts video.

I have a new embrassing video of myself when I was twelve years old. In all reality not much has changed since those days. Take a look here.

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100,000 Dead as President is Re-Elected

Well the horrible George W. Bush, complete with his failed policies in Iraq and not domestic agenda to speak of has been re-elected. I am so upset, and for the first time ever I feel very disconnected with my country and my government.

100000 Dead

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Victory in 04

This year's elections are the most important in recent history.  Politics is heating up in little quaint Utah.  Today Sean Hannity from the conservative cable network Fox spoke at UVSC.  Next week liberal film maker Michael Moore will speak at the quaint campus as well.Oh boy!

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Dayton in Seattle

I am in Seattle this week. I am also rebuilding my webpage from scratch. I broke this page a long time ago and was so busy with family and work that I did not have time to touch it. I hope to have semi regular updates this week, and I also want to include my opinions on the political atmosphere that is becoming increasingly important as we near election day.


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