Month: June 2006

Senator Bennett saves the day!

Today in the closest of votes the senate decided not to ammend the constitution to pohibit flag burning.  I feel very srongly about this amendment.  In a nation that is so blessed to protect the liberty of individuals it would be very dangerous to add such a rule into our fundamental law.  I would never burn the flag, but I would be unhappy living in a country where people could not burn flags.  We are so blessed to be able to petition our government for a redress of grievances.  While very disrespectful, flag desecration is a form of speech.  Amending our constitution to void a certain area of free speech is a dangerous move.  Where would protection of the flag stop?  Could one be violating fundamental law if he or she desecrated other symbols of the United States?  Our courts have proved to have interesting interpretations of various laws.

This amendment was proposed by my very own Senator, Orrin Hatch.  I was extremely happy to see that my other Senator, Bob Bennett stood up to the challenge and protected my liberties.  We should always be careful when changing our fundamental law, and we should only do so in times of great need.  Flag protection does not meet this high standard.

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Cut and Run?

General George Casey outlined a plan for troop withdrawl from Iraq, just in time for the election.  All of this comes with the caviat that conditions on the ground with dictate what happens.  I think it is interesting that the Democrats proposed to do just this, and now the General seems to be planning the same thing.

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Jacob v Cannon

Cannon, I am probably more concerned about John Jacob.  Jacob who is challenging Cannon in the June Republican primary has made this election about illegal immigration.  Jacob is capitalizing on a growing anti-immigrant attitude that pervades Utah.  John Jacob is a single issue candidate who is on the wrong side of that issue, as he just wants to put his head in the ground, close the borders, and forget about dealing with the real problems of illegal immigration.

 On the other side of things, Jacob’s detractors are not doing a very good job of defaming him.  Some one posted a link to this neighbor of John Jacob.  David Liffereth accuses John Jacob of being a liberal because Jacob supports the arts and public utilities.  Liffereth also claims that, “As far as I have been able to determine, not a single Republican state delegate from Eagle Mountain (or Saratoga Springs where they know John very well also) voted for John at the State Republican conventions.”  If this is the best case that one can make not to support a candidiate, I am not convinced.  Look at what John Jacob says, and how he compares to Chris Cannon.  Don’t base one’s popularity and political elect-ability on an informal straw poll of your LDS Ward.

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Amtrak on time!

Two weeks ago I took a train from Glenwood Springs, CO to Grand Junction, CO.  The train was on time.  In my entire history of riding the Amtrak Choo Choo Train this was the first time that I ever rode an on time train!

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“God Fearing” Bush is still popular in Provo Utah

The New York Times ran an article today talking about my original home town and it’s love for George W. Bush. Out of the whole United States there are only three states where at least half of the folk still believe W is doing a good job, and sadly I live in one of those places. The article profiled people’s opinions in Provo, where despite low approval for Bush’s handling of key policy issues, the majority of people still support Bush. There is one key reason that Utahns support Bush; he is “good with God.” While George Bush might not be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, my fellow Utahns just can’t get enough of the “religious president Bush.” I really wish I could understand why they still support Bush.  Ask a few LDS, Bush supporters in Utah if they agree with President Bush’s immigration policy, and strong majority would split with George. Go a step further, and ask Utahns if they enjoy the role the Republican Administration plays in their life and they would flat out detest the policies of the executive branch of the Federal government. Yet their support for Bush is strong. Utahns are very bright people, but when it comes to politics we Utahns vote our hearts and not our minds…I tend to vote my mind, but then again I am not the model Mormon ;-).

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Some American Marines are Baby Killers

Is this how we conduct our just war:

Survivors say furious Marines rampaged through a quiet street, bursting into homes and gunning down Iraqi civilians -   including children, women and an old man in a wheelchair. Their account appears to match details emerging from a military investigation into the 24 Iraqi civilians killed under disputed circumstances the morning of Nov 19.

Shame on us.  This shames us all.

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