Cut and Run?

General George Casey outlined a plan for troop withdrawl from Iraq, just in time for the election.  All of this comes with the caviat that conditions on the ground with dictate what happens.  I think it is interesting that the Democrats proposed to do just this, and now the General seems to be planning the […]

Jacob v Cannon

Cannon, I am probably more concerned about John Jacob.  Jacob who is challenging Cannon in the June Republican primary has made this election about illegal immigration.  Jacob is capitalizing on a growing anti-immigrant attitude that pervades Utah.  John Jacob is a single issue candidate who is on the wrong side of that issue, as he just […]

Some American Marines are Baby Killers

Is this how we conduct our just war: Survivors say furious Marines rampaged through a quiet street, bursting into homes and gunning down Iraqi civilians -   including children, women and an old man in a wheelchair. Their account appears to match details emerging from a military investigation into the 24 Iraqi civilians killed under disputed […]