Star Wars Tickets

Last night Miles couldn’t get over telling me how awesome the new Start Wars trailer was.

So I sized the opportunity to buy tickets early, as we are obviously going as soon as possible given Miles’ complete requirement that he experience everything the Star Wars Universe has to offer.  I bought tickets from, but unfortunately it took me an hour to verify that my transaction had actually been processed because all their page would offer is a 503 server unavailable error.  I’m thrilled our transaction actually worked, and am excited to take Miles to his first Star Wars premier a day early.  Should be good times.

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Wasting time deleting email

It seems like whenever I am on a plane and disconnected from the cloud all I can do is delete email. I become absorbed in the idea that once my computer reconnects with the precious Internet it will fire off a frenzy syncronization, ridding my email server of wasteful emails.

Oh the things we do when we are bored. Two rows up and to the left a kid has an old superman DVD playing. What I wouldn’t give to have that DVD right now, so I could hear the corny 1950s dialog.

In a related story dealing with my time wasting: The Wall Street Journal morning report podcast really sucks. Way to many smart ass cliches. It is kind of like watching Utah’s FOX 13 news at nine. At least you can laugh at FOX 13’s poor visual productions and mistakes.

I am bored. I need Mandy and the kids right now. I miss you guys.

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Romney continues to flip flop.

Mitt Romney was on This Week giving a lenghty interview to George Stephanopoulos.  I really want to like Mitt, but this interview painfully highlighted what an opourtunist Romney is.  In the Business world opourtunists are rewarded, and I really think that is fine.  In the political world we tend to want politicians who have personal integrity in their beliefs.  Ronmney was supportive of abortion and gay rights in past senatorial campaigns.  In my heart of hears, and this is a large assumption, Romney took a position during his Senate campaign that was against is personal beliefs.  He did this because of clear political opourtunities for himself.  Romney is genuinely honest about his position now, but he wasn’t then.  He did as the businessmen do, take advantage of opourtunities.  This is why Romney has recently joined the NRA.  Romney: I so wanted to support you in at least a minor way, but I may pull you off of my short list.

Here is a conservative point of view.

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Trolley Square Mall Shooting — Salt Lake City

Tonight there was a shooting at the trolley square mall.  I don’t know many details, but it seems really scary when such large incidents happens so close to home.

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You are time person of the year?

Well good damn times, we are all the person of the year.  But the title may be a little mis-leading.  Time magazine is not referring to everyone, but particularly the folks who participate in “Web 2.0.”  I find the person of the year selection interesting and troubling at the same time.  I remember several years ago when time named Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos as the person of the year, based almost entirely on the hype of the dot com bubble.   The Bezos person of the year designation came without Amazon making any profit.  This years announcement comes when we should all ask the question what does Web 2.0 really mean.  Does it mean that we, the people of the information age, have a real voice in spreading information, opinion, and community?  Or does it mean that the new distribution of information that Web 2.0 provides will be just another avenue that the professional media will exploit as a means of delivery?  We all love YouTube, but I have heard that some of the most popular videos are the professional videos that come out of the mainstream media.

Nevertheless, this is an exciting person of the year, even though it comes from the old media.  Hell, even Matt Drudge had this as the top headline on his site.  I guess we are all flattered.

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NPR is free again.

I love NPR but I really hate the fund raisers.  Both of the local NPR stations had their semi annual fund raisers over the past two weeks.  I donated to KCPW, like the liberal hippie that I like to think I am.  But now I can’t stand it any more.  IT IS FINALLY OVER.  Thank the good Lord!

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12 Die in Coal Mine

I initially heard that 12 men were found alive in a West Virginia coal mine. I was very sad to hear that the initial report was in error, and only one soul survived. I don’t know if we should blame the media (as it seems blame is part of the way things work today) nevertheless; this is very unfortunate for many of the coal miner’s families.

Families learn 12 of 13 trapped miners found dead.

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Comcast is less than comcastic!

Here in Utah comcast has been hourly running an “Abduction Alert” over their digital cable service. The girlfriend and I have been trying to watch “Meet me in St. Louis” but comcast keeps breaking in.

Now don’t get me wrong I think the good old media master should be running these alerts, but there is something peculiar about how comcast is doing it. After the alert all programing switches to KSTU Fox 13. Fox sucks, and Fox 13 especially sucks.

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