Month: January 2006

Hamas is in charge of the Palestinian Territory

In democratic elections, the “terrorist” group Hamas gained a majority in parliment.  It will be very interesting to see how this plays out in the future of the World.  The United States and Israel refuse to recognize hamas as a legitimate government.  Oh what a mess!

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Snow in South Jordan

Well it is late (or early) and I am still awake.  I am looking outside in a north eastern direction and I am seeing SNOW!  Yeah that is right, snow in Utah, the land of the “Greatest Snow on Earth.”  This year the snow has been great in the mountains but extremely lack luster in the Wasatch Front.  This morning is definately the execption.

I can’t wait to drive to work in the morning.  I am being completely honest.  I love the chaos when the roads are covered with snow and every body is running late.  I guess I just love seeing something different!

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The Utah Legislature Begins

With a new year also comes a new legislative session.  This year on Utah’s capital hill we can expect the big Republican “tax cuts!”  Yeaaaah!  Oh and don’t forget, Chris Buttars and friends will completely squander anything gay or secular.  God Bless Utah!

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Maryland lawmakers approve Wal-Mart health care bill

CNN – Wal-Mart Health Bill

Sweet! A Democratic legislature in Maryland is now forcing Wal-Mart to spend 8 percent of its revenue on health care. This is a good thing for low income families who are employed by Wal-Mart. It is no secret that a very large health care provider for Wal-Mart employees is Medicaid. This bill will force Wal-Mart to pay it’s fair share of health care costs. This is also good for the middle class in Maryland who will no longer be required to pay (via taxes) health care costs that Wal-Mart refuses to pay to it working poor employees.

Hats off to the Democratic legislature in Maryland. I will lobby our Utah legislature on the same issue.

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Did you watch frontline last night?

I watched PBS’s Frontline / Country Boys over the past three days.  It was a very interesting documentary.  Country Boys is a story about two boys who grow up in Eastern Kentucky.  The documentary spans the space of three years.  I would highly reccomend that you watch it.  For a young twenty something who is only one year older than the Boys I found that while I grew up in a more suburban setting, many aspects of my life were directly comparible with their lives.

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12 Die in Coal Mine

I initially heard that 12 men were found alive in a West Virginia coal mine. I was very sad to hear that the initial report was in error, and only one soul survived. I don’t know if we should blame the media (as it seems blame is part of the way things work today) nevertheless; this is very unfortunate for many of the coal miner’s families.

Families learn 12 of 13 trapped miners found dead.

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Zelpha Jones Dayton

It is late, or early, and I have the day off of work tomorrow so I am browsing around the internet.  I started looking through LDS historical sites and I eventually wound up at

I typed in the name of my late grandmother Zelpha Jones Dayton.  As I have witnessed before, I found a rich web of linkable names of heros of my family history.  I really wish that my granmother and my mother LaRayne were still with us today.  They provided a valuable link to the history of my family that I can not recover.

I beg of all of you who may read this:  Learn about the history of your family.  You will find that in some strange way their struggles are the same as your struggles, even though you are seperated by time.

As a project I would like to start extensive work on documenting the stories that I can recall of my family history.  I will think about this for a few days.


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Good Morning 2006

Well I have completed the first day of 2006.  I am looking forward to a new year.  Tuesday will be the big first day of the year at work.  I have a sense that a lot will change this year at work.  As to what direction things may go I am not quite sure.  In guessing that things will change at work I am not really going out on a limb.  Things have all-ready changed a great deal, and in my opinion, the jury is still out on the lasting effects of 2005’s change.

On a completely different note, I am really liking Word Press.  If I just want to blog, word press provides me with all of the tools that I need to make an effective blog.  I should also note that I don’t want to give up on a more robust Content Management Solution.  My boss has been playing with Mambo and he appears to have had a great level of success.   Perhaps will spring up with a similar test when I get around to it.

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