Max Hall is Crap

First you win the game, and then you crap all over your victory.  Yes, Brigham Young University (commonly known as the BYU) has produced another awesome chapter in the annual holy war: soon to be ex quarterback Max Hall.  His statement is as follows: “I don’t like Utah, in fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, I hate their fans, I hate everything.”

Obviously such comments are going to release a firestorm of criticism and support in a rivalry as heated as BYU v Utah. Indeed the back and forth between the BYU / Utah fans has gone on all week.  What I find most surprising about the statement is not the content itself, but who said it.  Max is a leader of their team, and in very many respects, the public face of BYU’s football program.  For someone in such a position to make such a blatant statement is unacceptable.  Just imagine if everyone similarly placed made such statements.  It is very childish, and it shows a complete lack of control over ones emotions.

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MLMs Explained

Finally some insight into Multi Level Marketing! Thanks sister Dixon!

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I am sick and tired of homophobic Mormons

Chris Buttars is at it again, comparing homosexuals to radical muslims.  Why do the people of West Valley and South Jordan elect this type of person.  Could it be that they support such crazy ideas too?

Last year Chris Buttars refered to a bill in the legislature as a black baby, an “ugly black baby.”  What the hell is up with this?  I thought the church was over institutional racism.  This guy used to be a Bishop in the LDS church?

Now I am sure there are those who would say that an individual member of the LDS Church do not speak for the Church, and in fairness Buttars does not represent an offical position in the LDS Church.  However, I remember this little concept they used to teach me in sunday school: “Every member a Missionary.”  By virtue of Buttars political position, and his known history for offensive statements, he should be much more cognisant of what he says.  If Buttars is a missionary, he is a piss poor one.

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Romney in Iowa

For all of those Romney fans who feel super cool about the win in Iowa consider the following:

The three top contenders in the race, Giuliani, McCain, and Thompson chose not to participate.  Romney was competing with the likes of Huckabee and Brownback, names that garner a couple percentage points each in national polls.

Romney outspent his nearest competitor by 10-1.  Add on top of that the fact that this was a vote at a Republican fundraiser, not a vote of all Republicans.

Romney’s victory doesn’t seem that great to me.

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The Mormons — PBS Frotline / American Experience

Tonight the wife and I watched part one of “The Mormons,” a PBS documentary about the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It was a fairly interesting 2 hours that appeared to try to honestly be fair and balanced.  My great question is what did actual mormons think about this documentary?

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Utah’s Attorney General is full of shit.

I am happy to see that Utah’s attorney general, Mark Shurtleff is in line with the Republican hacks who believe things are going well in Iraq.  In a really useful speech the attorney general referred to Senate Majority leader as  “Hezbolla Harry.” He also compared Mayor Rocky Anderson to World War II traitors.  Thanks Mark Shurtleff for showing the close minded people of Utah that is it unpatriotic to see reality.  You know the bible says something like thou shalt not kill, but I guess God is just a weak minded idiot who would gladly surrender to terrorists.

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This weekend.

Well another week is behind me.  I am so glad is it over.  Everything was going very well this week and then today came and it was just too much.  I want to go see Blades of Glory with the wife and friends tomorrow.  And it is conference weekend which for a Jack-Mormon like me means I don’t have to feel bad about not going to church :-).

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Romney continues to flip flop.

Mitt Romney was on This Week giving a lenghty interview to George Stephanopoulos.  I really want to like Mitt, but this interview painfully highlighted what an opourtunist Romney is.  In the Business world opourtunists are rewarded, and I really think that is fine.  In the political world we tend to want politicians who have personal integrity in their beliefs.  Ronmney was supportive of abortion and gay rights in past senatorial campaigns.  In my heart of hears, and this is a large assumption, Romney took a position during his Senate campaign that was against is personal beliefs.  He did this because of clear political opourtunities for himself.  Romney is genuinely honest about his position now, but he wasn’t then.  He did as the businessmen do, take advantage of opourtunities.  This is why Romney has recently joined the NRA.  Romney: I so wanted to support you in at least a minor way, but I may pull you off of my short list.

Here is a conservative point of view.

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